Big data & Business Analytics

Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization & ERP for small business


Big Data Analytics

Concept of Big Data and its use by corporations

Analyze large amount of data from multiple internal and external sources as a single data set
Turn data into actionable intelligence
Identify trends and gain new insights through Data Visualization Big Data Analytics use data for decision making irrespective of sources

Some common usages in business :

Optimum use of data in existing Data Warehouse
Identify and innovate new product/services
Analyze Customer data for increased profitability
Detection and prevention of fraud, strengthen security and compliance

The proliferation and growth of data is creating new and unique challenges for organizations of all types. At Enpersol we have recognized Tableau as a Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization and business intelligence tool that can address these challenges and help organizations to see and understand their data. Industry also recognizes Tableau as a Leader; it is high on the Ability to Execute scale on the Gartner BI and Analytics Magic Quadrant. The breadth of functionality and usability of Tableau allows business users to quickly analyze and translate data into actionable insights. Enpersol can help your organization get the full value out of the Tableau technologies. Tableau can also integarate well with ERP for small businesses like Odoo. We provide complete Tableau Consulting services for organizations across multiple industries and locations. As part of our project process, we utilize the Tableau Drive Methodology to promote best practices and increased speed to delivery.

The Tableau services that we offer include:

  • Data Strategy, Data Discovery and Business Case Development
  • Tableau Desktop and Server Implementations
  • Tableau Desktop Workbook Creation and Maintenance
  • Tableau Server Dashboard Creation, Maintenance and Hosting
    Training, online and onsite

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