Clinicareon is comprehensive enterprise hospital management software and addresses different pain points in managing hospitals, data exchange and timely information availability to all stakeholders within the hospital.Clinicareon addresses patient entry to patient exit functional requirements. The timely availability of information and MIS gives you an handle on the overall functional performance of the hospital.

The enterprise hospital management software is simple to use and is created with intuitive user interfaces requiring no or little learning cycles helping faster and seamless implementation of software. Clinicareon serves as a tool to increase overall performance of your resources.

Clinicareon is configurable enabling customization of the hospital management software to suit any exclusive requirements of your hospital without interference from a technical expert. This feature facilitates increased performance efficiency without a radical change of your process management. Besides this feature of configurability, the hospital management software can be customized with ease for any of your specific and unique requirements.

The hospital management software uses unique Capture At Source methodology ensuring accurate accountability and correctness of clinical and commercial transactions. Clinicareon is secure with multi-level access privileges ensuring confidentiality and protection of critical data.

Clinicareon supports complete clinical care & SOAP notes with Electronic Patient Record (EPR/EMR), ICD coding and integrated electronic billing and eliminates transactional errors. With its availability in a web environment Clinicareon keeps you in total control of your hospital wherever you are in the world.

Comprehensive, Modular & Integrated web application

Configurable & User friendly with intuitive UI

  • Secure & role based access from anywhere in the world
  • Capture at source methodology
  • Complete clinical care & SOAP notes
  • Electronic patient record (EPR/EMR)
  • Auto Tariff Management & integrated electronic billing
  • Flexible licensing based on hospital size
  • Quick ROI

Key Benefits

Clinicareon – Enterprise Hospital Management Software offers several benefits spanning all functional entities of your hospital including both clinical and commercial operations. The significant key benefits of use of Clinicareon are as follows:


acilitates performance management of healthcare professionals and resources.

Serves as a motivational tool to human resources and helps to optimize resource utilisation.

Accurate patient health records are available anywhere in the hospital and to any healthcare professional within the hospital resulting in quality service to the patient.

Timely availability of information and MIS to support decision making.
Effective management of hospital policies and processes.


Capture At Source methodology ensures correctness of clinical, billing and accounts transactions.

Ability to define credit companies with corresponding plans, tariff along with automatic EPR/EMR facilitates speedier processing of credit bills.

Improves cost control.

Improves Inventory and supply chain management.

Facilitates financial and inventory reconciliation with drill-down ability.


Develops capacity of the health staff to better deal with health information systems, health indicators and targets resulting in achieving the overall goal of high standard services to the patients.

Develops capacity of the health staff to better deal with health information systems, health indicators and targets resulting in achieving the overall goal of high standard services to the patients.


Improved attention and monitoring of patients resulting in improved service to the patient.

Accurate billing with support for detail and summary bills.

Facilitates speedier processing of credit/ insurance claim processing.


is a feature rich complete Hospital Management Software application and addresses enterprise-wide hospital requirements. The Enterprise Hospital Management Software is patient centric and the entire data relating to the patient including clinical and commercial wings is preserved electronically for the life of the patient and can be accessed any time.

manages a wide variety of billing models including but not limiting to Insurance/ Credit / Corporate tariffs automatically. With this feature, Clinicareon eliminates the hassle of manual accounting and verification for different tariffs. This results in an increased rate of acceptance of bills and timely payments from insurance and other credit companies.

Clinicareon manages the Clinical care of the patient and creates Electronic Patient Record (EPR/ EMR). The Hospital Management Software is built to instantaneously update all the clinical care details and commercial data to the patient record resulting in readily available patient data and reports to all the stake holders.

Clinicareon with the concept of Capture At Source Methodology eliminates duplication of data, ensures no missing transactions and data accuracy. The status of prescriptions and laboratory tests / investigations is readily available to doctors / clinicians. The instantaneous flow and availability of data helps doctors / clinicians to review the patient care and increase their ability to serve more patients in the available time.

The automatically updated Electronic Patient Chart and feature to manage discharge instructions helps clinicians and administrators to efficiently manage patient care. This results in increased confidence of patients and hospital personnel.

Clinicareon is built to be secure with multi level role-based security and access system guaranteeing no unwarranted data access and ensures safety of data and information.

By virtue of its true web architecture and modular design on an integrated platform results in data integrity and timely availability of information resulting in paperless environment. The intelligent notification system and readily available data helps administrators/clinicians to optimally plan resource usage and serve more patients in the available time.


Clinicareon – Enterprise Hospital Management Software is a fully integrated application catering to the centralized reporting system, yet is modular supporting administrative flexibility. The application supports module level operations, reporting at each module and roll-up reports at Administrative level. Clinicareon modules are built on an enterprise architecture using stable core supporting the following individual modules.




Clinical Care

Ward Management

Facilities Management


Theater/ Surgery

Pharmacy/ Internal Pharmacies

Inventory/ Stores

Diet & Canteen

Electronic Billing

H.R & Payroll

Data Configuration and Data Management

System Administration


Clinicareon manages operations using these main modules, which in-turn includes sub-units/ functional units to address complete functional requirements.

For Whom

Clinicareon – Hospital Management Software is available in different editions to support hospitals of different size and scope beginning with large multi-speciality hospitals to individual doctor office/ clinic conglomerates.
Clinicareon is priced to suit the size, scope and your hospital budget. Clinicareon is for those, who are looking for a modern hospital management software to help achieve efficiency and operational performance.

If you are one of those looking for an efficient management software spanning all areas of hospital management, Call us now for an offer to procure clinicareon license.

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