Optimize Business Operations With FlowCentric Platform

FlowCentric Platform

14 Jun Optimize Business Operations With FlowCentric Platform

FlowCentric Technologies provides customers with a powerful Platform capable of catering to the demands of tech-savvy consumers, cloud computing users and data-devoted mobile workers. Enpersol can help leverage the FlowCentric Platform to optimize your business operations. Our experts can help to move all processes into a workflow environment supported by Flowcentric, thereby streamlining processes and eliminating the human error factor prevalent in manual systems processes.

Our Flowcentric consultants can enable seamless integration of your ERP andother Business Application systems with the user friendly, Workflow modelled Flowcentric frontend which can be accesses through web by employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders ( with strict access security). It is a real benefit to create a process that derives data from multiple Business Application systems into a single electronic document that follow an authorized approval path for business approval. This electronic document could be a quotation, sales order, Employee offer letter or a purchase order. Fetching data from multiple Business Applications and writing data back similarly could enable a single step, single source process which otherwise would be a process nightmare.

FlowCentric Platform

It is well established that an optimum business process coupled with seamless workflow utilizing an established authorization matrix is the real value driver for business applications. Enpersol and its Flowcentric consultants focus on this value creation by reducing processing time, eliminating unwanted steps, creating electronic trail, automating approval process and delivering comprehensive solutions.


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