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Tableau consulting


Tableau Consulting Services in Indore

What is Tableau?

Tableau Consuting Company is a business intelligence platform that allows users to create analytics, visualizations and dashboards
Tableau’s visual functionalities allows business users to expand their capabilities in discovering and sharing data insights without extensive skills or training

Some functions of Tableau:

Big Data Analysis, Data Discovery, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Data Stories, Reporting, Social Media Analysis, Web BI, Mobile, Mapping, Time Series Analysis, etc.
Tableau has integrations with: Big Data Platforms, databases, third-party software and numerous other data sources.

Tableau as a company

Founded 2003 in Seattle, Washington
2014 Revenue of $412 million
Number of employees = 2,300
Number of Customers = 26,000+ in over 100 countries
Products = Tableau: Desktop, Server, Online, Reader and Public
Traded on the NYSE as DATA
Value Proposition
“to help people see and understand data. We are enabling people to answer questions, solve problems and generate meaning from data in a way that has never before been possible and we’re putting that power in the hands of a much broader population of people.”
– Christian Chabot, CEO of Tableau

2015 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics

Tableau Software Company remains the top vendor on the execution axis for its tendency to “land and expand” once customers start using its software”.
– InformationWeek

Our Value Proposition

Breadth and ease of use along with high business benefits realized
Faster to implement and see results over traditional large BI platforms
Excellent analysis layer that allows for drag-and-drop functionality and drill-down capabilities
Enterprise-level security and high scalability
Successfully “lands and expands” within organizations
Tool for business users, less reliance on programmers for creation of BI content
Stellar customer support and community

Tableau Products

SATableau Desktop

allows users to connect to their data sources and use drag-and-drop technology to create visual analytic workbooks and dashboards. Dashboards can be published to web (Server), to be shared with colleagues, partners or even customers.

Tableau Server

browser and mobile based, allows users of organizations to view, edit and interact with the content created from Tableau Desktop. Security permissions built-in.

Tableau Online

the online SAAS version of Tableau Server. No need for hardware or software setup.

Tableau Readerfree

application that gives users ability to view and interact with Tableau Desktop data visualizations

Tableau Public

a free tool that allows users to create workbooks and dashboards, store those on a Tableau public profile and embed in blogs, websites, etc. Limitations. Tableau has a very active online community for support and content.

Tableau Pricing

Downloadable Products

Sold per named user, with a perpetual license and annual maintenance.
Tableau Desktop Professional Edition – $1599/user + $400/year maintenance
Analytics & visualization solution for any data.
Product Information

Tableau Server – $800/user + $200/year maintenance
Web and mobile business intelligence platform.
Minimum is 10 users to start. No minimum after first 10.
Product Information

Hosted Solution

Sold with an annual subscription. No download required.

Tableau Server Online
Hosted version of Tableau Server.
1 – 24 seats: $500/ user
25 – 49 seats: $475/user
50 – 99 seats: $450/ user

Product Information

Enpersol Tableau Services

Data Strategy, Data Discovery and Business Case Development for Tableau
Tableau Desktop and Server Implementations
Tableau Desktop Workbook Creation and Maintenance
Tableau Server Dashboard Creation, Maintenance and Hosting
User Training
Tableau Drive Methodology for Tableau projects. Process includes: Discovery, Prototyping/Quick Wins, Foundation Building and Scale Out.

Tableau Use Cases

Business Problem to Solve
Successful technology company had disparate business systems that collected data in multiple formats and databases. Business users had no way to aggregate and report on the data across the systems. Multiple reports had to be combined manually to get a view of the company as a whole.
The company implemented Tableau to join the multiple data sources and develop reporting tools to present and visualize the company information. The Tableau reports and dashboards that were shared across the organization via the web.


Reduced time to complete financial and operational reporting from days to hours
Eliminated the use of spreadsheets for management reporting
Full-time resource was allocated from previous reporting responsibilities to analysis team for revenue generating activities

Tableau Use Cases

Business Problem to Solve

A Big Data Company collected billions of data points across the world on a yearly basis. Proprietary system used to collect the metrics and network activity for the data collections. There was no way for business users to see the data without tech and programmer intervention.


The company implemented Tableau to access the multiple databases that stored the data and developed reports and dashboards to present and visualize the network metrics. The web and subscriptions were used to disseminate reports.


Business users could run the business by accessing real-time data without tech help
Issues with the network could be managed proactively and not reactively
Sales increased because new opportunities could be identified by analyzing data that was not available before

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